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November 2020 Newsletter

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Post date: 19 October 2020

Dear Member

Autumn seems to have crept up on us again. Who can fail to be inspired by the Autumn changes in the British flora? Never mind the greens, get out the reds, yellows, oranges and golden browns for your next painting! Maybe next month we will have some Autumn scenes for the newsletter.

Another on-line demonstration was watched by members on 16th September. Working from a photo from one of our club members, Tim Wilmot painted this scene looking towards Church Gate, Cookham in an hour and a half with some questions and answers along the way. It was an excellent demonstration; an exercise in perspective, composition and the importance of values in watercolour. These are a couple of screen shots as the painting progressed, along with a picture of the completed painting sent to us by Tim, and the source photo.

Here’s a challenge, could you paint along with our next demonstrator?

Rather brilliantly, member Andrew, did just that during Tim’s demo. Here’s his picture – 

If you are wondering how to get the screen shots during the demo, on an iPad just press the ‘home’ and ‘on/off’ buttons simultaneously. A photo will end up in your ‘Photos’ folder – try it on anything that’s on screen – a web page or video-chat with your grandchildren! For other sorts of tablet device, or phone, or a newer iPad with no ‘Home’ button, just search how to do it on the web. ‘S easy!

Forthcoming events

Another on-line demonstration has been planned for Thursday 15th October at 2 – 4pm, with Max Hale. You will have received, by email, the details of how to join in. We look forward to reporting on it next time.

The Annual General Meeting, Thursday 19th November at 2pm.

Although we cannot gather together at the moment it is important that we hold an AGM. We will have a meeting using Zoom to allow the committee to present their usual reports. This will also allow members to raise points and ask questions at the meeting.

Our draft Agenda is:

Chairman’s report

Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s report

Report on Tuesday Painting

Report on Outdoor Painting

Report on Exhibitions

Report on The Club Holiday

Report on the Website

Election of the Committee

Questions and A.O.B.

If, right now, you have questions or points to raise please would you email them before the meeting to Kay, our Chairman ( kslforcac@gmail.com ). We can then make the meeting as quick and efficient as possible by sharing, by email, the questions beforehand. We hope that the meeting will take about 40 minutes. 

If you wish to ‘attend’ we are going to ask you to get in touch for the link to the AGM Zoom meeting. We think it will give a more efficient start to the meeting if we know how many people to expect.

Nearer the time we will send out your advance questions/points and explain how to get the link to the meeting. 

The Spring Art Exhibition and Sale

We do hope that by next April, a bit later than usual, we will be able to hold an exhibition. We have booked Pinder Hall for the Easter weekend and will have a fourday exhibition. Social distancing etc. will no doubt still be required, so this is how we will operate:

Thursday 1st April: set up screens and hang paintings. Half hour slots will be allocated to artists for hanging, so not too many will be in the hall at once.

Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April: exhibition open with all necessary precautions for the safety of visitors and those running the sales desk.

Tuesday 6th April: collection of unsold paintings and taking down, with appropriate precautions.

We do hope that members will support this event and show lots of NEW paintings, done during lockdown!

More details of the arrangements will be published nearer the time.

‘Member’s Paintings’. Do keep painting and sending me your photos, we love to see them. (rdjforcac@gmail.com). Anything goes – so feel free to send me pictures of your art, whether you use the suggested ‘Tuesday Painting’ topics or not. Most of this month’s are not on a suggested topic.

‘Tuesday Painting’: Suggested TOPICS
Design a Christmas CardA composition in black, white and grey
Under a street light or an umbrellaPets
An abstract inspired by a still life set upNeglect
Autumn, season of mistsA collage
The bright colours of AutumnSnow

Members’ news

Remember the painting of an ‘Exciting Find in Rachel’s Garden’, last month? Although it is difficult socialising at the moment, thanks to Rachel a few artists did get together for a painting session in her garden, safe in the open air. Wonder what else she has hidden away in the garden?

Although we haven’t had many Tuesday Painting sessions lately, regular attendees will have missed the cheerful presence of Chris Job. She has been poorly for quite a time now and has more recently been diagnosed with the sudden onset of mixed dementia. Barry, her husband, wanted us to let friends know about Chris. She is well looked after, living in Foxleigh Grove Nursing home. Of course, we send her all our love and hope that some friends will be able to visit once the coronavirus restrictions ease. We have sent her a card to say ‘hello’ from the Club.

Yours sincerely

Robert Jones email rdjforcac@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor