Monthly Demonstrations

There is a small charge of £1 to cover hire of the hall and refreshments, (non-members or guests are welcome but they pay £4 per session). Details of the demonstrations may be found in the Events Calendar and the newsletter.


Thanks to Melissa Wishart for her demonstration on Zoom. She demonstrated a beautiful seascape. Wouldn’t we all love to get away to the seaside at the moment?


Keith Hornblower prepared a video especially for the Club – ‘An Icelandic Scene in watercolour’.

Members might remember his skill with watercolour when he demonstrated a painting of Cookham High Street.


In January we usually invite a professional artist to run our critique. Thanks goes to Tony Jackson who ran a recent critique over Zoom.


Working from a few images and a reference plant in the studio, Susan made a few thumbnail sketches to decide on the best composition. Using Acrylics she worked up the painting using layers of paint to achieve the shape and colour of the plants and the background.

Susan had to switch to solar power in case the electricity failed, thankfully with no signal issues despite zooming from Jamaica


Colin Ross Jack gave a great demo on Japanese Ukiyo Style Painting demo in November 2020 via Zoom due to Covid restrictions.



Tim painted a scene of Cookham familiar to the club members. His drawing included the main elements mindful of the composition and the perspective, leaving out extraneous detail. He painted in a loose style using a variety of tones and values, using darks and lights to give depth to the painting and enhance the sunlit buildings. He used warm shadows at the front and cooler ones further back to aid aerial perspective.


After a brief drawing Catherine began by applying a pale, loose, varied wash over the whole painting. She then built up the scene using layers of washes in a loose and free style, only applying some detail at the very end.

She added bright colours not there in reality to add interest and brightness to the painting.


Hashim used acrylic paint and big brushes for his colourful cityscape at night. He applied blocks of colour for the main shapes and then gradually built up the definition of the buildings working over the whole painting, without painting too much detail. He added highlights at the end.



Fiona used watercolour for her picture of horse riders. She kept the background very loose and understated so that the riders stood out. She applied the paint wet-into-wet so that the riders and horse merged, using a variety of colours so that the shadows were interesting.


Sonia started her painting of the mother in traditional costume and child in acrylic paint and completed it using oils.

She specialises in painting figures in an interior, using light from a window to illuminate the subject. The icon on the wall in the picture mirrors the mother and child theme, depicted softly so as not to detract from the main figures..