Cookham Festival Resources

An unusual view of Cookham

The next Cookham Festival, a celebration of the arts by the village, for the village, will be in May this year. Our club usually runs a project for the festival and this time we plan to put on a display of paintings in the Ferry inn with the theme ‘An unusual view of Cookham’. These will show, for example, perhaps a small detail of a building or an unusual view, so that visitors can have the fun of seeing how many places they can recognise. Many examples of what you might paint are shown below, but these are only examples – paint what you like!

The paintings will be offered for sale and should measure not more than 50cm in any direction. (in the hope that we will have lots of entries to fit on the screens!)

The plan is that they will be taken for hanging in the Ferry on Tuesday 7th May, and they will be on display from 8th to 15th May, and then taken down on 16th. We will be able to give you more details later on.