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July 2022 Newsletter

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Post date: 11 July 2022

Dear Member

Events in July

We will hold our Summer Garden Party on Sunday July 10th, from 12 – 4pm.

Barry and Linda Wisbey have very kindly offered to be our hosts. They live at Wymers Wood Road, Burnham. It is on the outskirts of Burnham, convenient to get to from either Cookham or Maidenhead.

We have had to cancel all of our social gatherings over the past year or so, but at long last we should feel confident to get together in an outdoor garden party. This has always been an enjoyable, well-supported event and it is so good to meet up with other members we may not have seen for a while. Do come along if you can, partners welcome too!

Please bring a plateful of ‘finger-food’ to share. If you would like to bring something like a trifle, please let me, (Robert), know and we’ll make sure we have enough bowls etc. Also, garden chairs and small garden tables might be useful so bring them along if you can – if you haven’t any convenient ones to fit in the car, don’t worry, we should have enough with just a few extra brought along.

We plan to have a quiz and a raffle with some lovely ‘arty’ prizes. See you there!!

Getting there and parking: please share a car if possible. We expect most of you will use Google Maps/sat nav to find Barry’s house – (Members, please see your original copy of the newsletter for the address). Too narrow to park just there, so drive about 150 metres south and park along the fence line outside the football club, or in Willow Wood Close.

Monthly meeting: A demonstration by Stephen Cheesman on July 21st 7 – 9pm in the Parish Centre (Church Gate, Cookham, SL6 9SP.) People in action using Oil Pastels.

I notice that oil pastels are not often used by our members. Watching Stephen at work with them is inspiring, I do think the medium has great potential, so come along to this demo – look and learn!

Coming soon: It is time to start planning for the

Annual Summer Exhibition 2022.

We would like to invite you all to participate in the Club’s 80th Annual Exhibition from 16th to 28th August 2022 which will be held, as usual, in Pinder Hall, Cookham Rise.

Here is a summary about our exhibition which we hope will be useful, especially if you have not entered before.

For all the more precise details about how to enter, framing requirements, acceptable size of pictures, labelling etc. please refer to the document MEMBERS INSTRUCTIONS AND RULES OF ENTRY.

As a member you may submit up to five paintings. The paintings will be shown to a selection panel. The vast majority of paintings will be given a ‘score’ by the panel and will be hung straight away. If we do not initially have enough space, those with a low score will be kept in reserve, until sold paintings are removed from display. A few paintings may be rejected. Members are guaranteed at least one painting will be hung.

Craft items may also be entered, please contact Wendy directly for details. We can usually accept and display quite large numbers of these, depending on space. Spares will be kept in reserve to replace any sold.

You may also submit unframed pictures (max. 3) and greetings cards (max. 30 cards or packs of cards) for sale.

You do not pay a fee to enter your artwork. If sold, 20% commission is payable to the Club (10% on cards).

If you would like to take part, please complete the Member’s Entry Form and submit it by Monday 11th July at the latest to enable the catalogue to be compiled and printed before the exhibition. NB:  Late entries and amendments cannot be accepted.

Please type, or write clearly in CAPITALS, as this form will be used as the Sales Sheet at the Exhibition.

Please make sure that your Entry Form is returned to Wendy Mercer by email, or post to Kay Lamb, 9 Briar Dene, Maidenhead, SL6 6SF.

Confirmation of receipt will be sent to you via email. If you wish it sent by post, please enclose sae.

Please keep a copy of the titles for your own information.

Handing-in day for paintings (framed and unframed), craft and greetings cards is Saturday 13th August (10am – 12noon).

Please make sure you hand in all the paintings entered on the Entry Form, including the unframed (portfolio) items – they will already be in the catalogue!

Pictures and many craft items which are sold will be marked with a ‘red dot’ and stay on display until the end of the Exhibition. However, we will be flexible in our attitude to those people who wish to take their art work at the time of sale, for example if they have come a long way or if they are unable to collect it at the end of the Exhibition. Pictures that are taken by purchasers at the time of sale will be replaced, substitutes being selected by a committee member from the spare paintings.

If you wish to enter cards, please complete the form: List of Greetings Card Packs. Hand this form in with your cards on Handing-in day, (Saturday 13th August) do not send in advance.

You may offer for sale up to 30 packs containing 1 or more cards. The price of packs must be in multiples of 50p. Each pack must have a label on the back giving artist’s name, number of cards in pack and price per pack. Please write the number of packs at each price on this form in the spaces provided.


Admission to the Exhibition is free; Catalogue £1 and a Grand Draw, £1 – great prizes to win!

Sunday 28th August is Collection Day for unsold works (5pm – 5.45pm). If you are unable to attend yourself, please nominate a friend to collect unsold works on your behalf. The Club is not responsible for paintings left behind.

If you have any queries about the Exhibition, please contact Wendy Mercer on 07985 343437.


N.B. Email Newsletter recipients – preferably complete an Entry Form on your computer/tablet and email it to Wendy Mercer. Please bring a printed copy of your List of Greeting Card Packs on the handing-in day.

Separate copies of the forms are attached to the email with this Newsletter for your convenience (in Word and PDF format). If you would like to send them by post, see the details above. If for any reason you are unable to fill in or print your Entry Forms in their original A4 format, let Wendy know immediately and she will post copies to you.


In May, Keith Morton gave us an entertaining evening running the critique on our ‘New Arts’ paintings. A small select(!) group of painters turned up, making for an enjoyable, relaxed time. We were able to have a good look at all the artwork at the end and we voted for our favourite painting of the day. Congratulations to Andrew who took the prize for his abstract diptych!

Tuesday Painting Workshops. At Cookham Dean Village Hall, Church Road, Cookham Dean,

Berks SL6 9PY, from 2 to 5pm.

Tuesday Painting: cost £2

A topic, appraisal, tea and cake

Tuesday Extra: cost £1.50

Painting, tea and biscuits

July 5th: A sailing boatJuly 12th: Paint what you like
July 19th: Figures (shopping, seaside, picnic)July 26th: Paint what you like


The art of Gustav Klimt has areas with many repeated ‘patterns’, not all identical, but similar. Try taking a small part of a painting (e.g. a pattern on a garment) and use it as a theme to build up a painting or part of a painting. If you are amazed, amused or even a little bit pleased by the result, do send a picture for the next newsletter.

Yours sincerely

Robert Jones

Newsletter Editor


Cookham Arts Club – 80th Annual Summer Exhibition 2022


The 80th Annual Exhibition of paintings, drawings, etchings, sculpture, wood carving, pottery and glass will be held at the Pinder Hall, Lower Road, Cookham Rise, SL6 9EH from

Tuesday 16th August to Sunday 28th August 2022 from 10am to 6pm daily, 4.45pm on last day

*Failure to comply with these instructions and rules could result in your work being rejected*


Up to 5 paintings may be submitted, only 1 may be NFS (not for sale).
Entries will be judged by a Selection Panel whose decision is final.
The club reserves the right to refuse to hang a work which may be of a sensitive nature or cause offence to other members or to the public.

If in doubt about a work please contact Wendy who will arrange a Committee decision.

Every member is guaranteed to have at least one painting hung.
Exhibitors are required to steward twice during the Exhibition. (Times: 10-1, 1-4, 4-6) Please phone Wendy on 07985 343437 with two possible dates you could steward

All entries must be original and not exhibited at a previous Cookham Arts Club Exhibition. No late entries, amendments or deletions can be accepted as the catalogue is printed in advance of the Exhibition.

CRAFTUnlimited craft items may be exhibited. Some may be kept in reserve to replace items sold. A pottery set priced inclusively will count as one work.
Enter on a Craft Entry Form. Contact Wendy for form, to discuss size and number of entries and how to label / number items.
FEESMembers do not pay entry fees.
The club charges 20% commission on all items sold (except cards – 10% commission) to cover the cost of publicity, hall hire and screen storage.
The balance is sent to the artist by bank transfer after the end of the exhibition.
There will be a charge for emergency-only frame repairs and materials if your frame is considered unsuitable when you bring your painting in.
DATESEntry Forms, by email to Wendy

or post Kay Lamb, 9 Briar Dene, Maidenhead, SL6 6SF by Monday 11th July 2022 for inclusion in the catalogue and exhibition.

Receipt of the Entry Form will be confirmed by email. Please check if no confirmation is received shortly after the above date. Enclose a SAE if you wish confirmation by post.
Works must be handed in at Pinder Hall between 10.00 am – 12.00 md on Saturday 13th August 2022.
Unsold works are to be collected by artists between 5.00 and 5.45 pm on closing day.
Please arrange collection on your behalf if you are unable to attend yourself. 

The Club will not accept responsibility for unclaimed works.

YES pleaseNO thank you
All entries to be original works.Prints, a copy of another artist’s work, reproductions, photographs.
Dimensions of up to 76 cm (30 inches).  If you have larger paintings, we may be able to accommodate them – please ask Wendy.Exhibited at a previous Cookham Arts club Exhibition.
Framed and unframed entries should be listed on the Entry Form and the form sent in by the date indicated.Late entries, amendments or deletions cannot be accepted as the catalogue is printed in advance.
Entries not hung will be kept in reserve and randomly chosen to replace sold paintings taken by the buyer.Exhibited work may not be removed before the end of the exhibition.
YES please                    FRAMING                   NO thank you
Pictures must be securely framed and the back sealed with framing tape.Sellotape, exposed glass edges, nails, visible fixing pins. Unsealed framed work with glass front.

Clip frames.

Ready for hanging with strong cord securely fixed to two D rings, (ring-eyes acceptable on INSIDE edge of a box canvas, NOT protruding at back).Ring eyes, single hanging loop, stand attached (as on a photograph frame).
Deep and narrow canvases need not be framed, sides should be painted.Box canvas sides should not be defaced or written on and no staples showing.
Frame traditional canvases or boards.Canvases or boards in unframed racks.
YES please                       LABELING                 NO thank you
On a strong card luggage label write in CAPITAL LETTERS the ARTIST’S NAME, TITLE OF THE WORK (no more than 5 words), MEDIUM AND PRICE on one side only.

Leave the other side of the label blank.

Size: 12 x 6 cm or 4½ x 2½ inches.

Tie with a minimum 1 foot/30cm long string to the D ring so that it will hang over the front of the painting (see example below).

Writing on the other side of the label as this side is used later during selection.

Odd sized labels – they do not fit our storage system.

Sellotape or short string (Labels come off; short string causes problems at Selection and Templating).

Adhesive label attached to back of painting giving the same information as the luggage label.In the event of a discrepancy the Entry Form will be regarded as authoritative.
Address on an adhesive label only (optional).
The price of paintings should reflect the cost of framing and 20% commission.Paintings priced at less than £35.
YES please                           UNFRAMED                       NO thank you
Members who have submitted framed work may also enter 3 unframed (portfolio) works. Enter details on Entry FormAn old painting visible on the back.
These should be neatly wrapped and protected by a cellophane–type covering.Polythene bags.
Label on the back with Artist’s name, the title, medium and price of the work.Changes to list of unframed work.
Members who are exhibiting may also offer greetings cards for sale. Up to 30 individual cards or packs are allowed. Please enter cards on the Cards Entry Form. On the back of the card packs please put your name number of cards in pack and the price, (multiples of 50p only). The form and your cards should be handed to the Steward on Handing-in day for checking-in. (Cards must be checked out at the end of the Exhibition as well or you won’t be paid).

Photo of a correctly framed painting, ready for the selection panel.

Framing example.JPG