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August 2020 Newsletter

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Post date: 1 August 2020

Dear Member

It is pleasing to see that lots of you are finding time for painting, judging by the super artwork that you send to me for the newsletter. As usual I have put the majority of them, which are on ‘Tuesday Painting’ topics, on separate pages. Here are a few ‘extras’ which came along:

Peter Cain

“I said stay safe and keep your TWO metres Social Distancing!”

Joanne Nicholl

A living tree sculpture

Linda Powell

portrait of Blue Tits

Aiko Hester

Three Bird

Peter Cain

“I said stay safe and keep your TWO metres Social Distancing!”

The ‘New Arts Evening’ Winners

Last month you sent your votes for your favourite painting of the selection of New Arts pictures which were published in the newsletter. And the winners are ….. yes, two received equal votes ….. Jean Smithson (L) and Wendy Mercer (R).
A close third was Pete Cain’s abstract.
Well done to our winners and thank you to all who sent in their paintings. Our two winners should receive their prizes in the post soon.

Resources and Ideas

One of our members has found that The Artery, an art shop in Banbury, has a YouTube channel with various demonstration videos, long and short. To have a look, enter the web address, below and follow the link to their YouTube channel.
(In more ‘normal’ times, it looks as if they hold monthly, free demonstrations.)

Another member has suggested ShopkeepArty as a place to look for interesting videos and classes

If you visit these sites and find anything inspiring (or worth avoiding!) do let us know.

Things to watch on catch-up TV (both on BBC 4): Andrew Graham-Dixon, High Art of the Low Countries. The Art of Persia (3 episodes).

Member’s News

Carole Baughan has sent us some excellent collages to put in previous newsletters and we have learnt that she is a great supporter of The Big Issue.

This collage ‘Call from the Wild’ has an interesting story. She created it from pieces of The Big Issue, and Carole was featured in an article in a recent copy of the magazine. You may also have seen the image on Twitter.
To quote Carole: ‘My husband put the image on Twitter to support the Big Issue subscription, to help support all the vendors in lockdown, and it went crazy’.

To read the article about Carole click the image, below.

Cookham Arts Club Artist creates stunning wildlife collages using scraps of The Big Issue

Tuesday Painting

As with other events, we really don’t know when we might resume – so until then do keep painting and send me your photos. As with the usual ‘Tuesday Painting’, anything goes – so feel free to send me pictures of your art, on or off topic. See extra pages enclosed, or extra PDF sent by email, for pictures sent in last month.

Tuesday Painting: Suggested TOPICS

  • July 28th: Mud, mud glorious mud.
  • August 4th: A world famous site
  • August 11th: Water (sea, river or lake)
  • August 18th: Moorland or moorland wildlife
  • August 25th: Cacti in the desert
  • September 1st: A view from above
  • September 8th: Paint in the style of L.S.Lowry
  • September 15th: Still life: Objects of a hobby
  • September 22nd: Clowns / Street performers
  • September 29th: Still life: Breakfast

Tip Of The Month

Lost and Found Edges

Include some lost and found edges in landscapes, buildings or flowers. For example some hard edges on the clouds or flowers, or hard, well defined edges on subjects near to you and less distinct, softer edges the further away they are. They make the painting look more interesting and the viewer’s eye automatically fills in what you can’t see.